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Easy Canvas Prints Review and Giveaway

How many of you like getting gifts that will bring back memories? I love these types of gifts, of course I love other gifts as well, however, the more personal ones tend to mean more. With Father’s Day fast approaching, you maybe wondering what the perfect gift would be to get dad. Let me help you, the perfect give to get dad would be canvas art. Photos on Canvas Prints have become very popular in the gift giving scene. Not only are they meaningful, they also can be enjoyed by everyone.

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Easy Canvas Prints, makes getting dad that perfect gift simple. Pick the perfect picture, and follow the steps to create dad that perfect master piece. Canvas prints are great for dad’s office, or even in his den. Price points on the canvas prints vary depending on size, right now Easy Canvas Prints has a special going on, you can get 25% off plus free shipping.

One of my favorite things about Easy Canvas Prints, is they give back! I love a company that gives back, it shows me that they do care about others, instead of the green.

I was recently able to check Easy Canvas Prints work out first hand, I have to say I was amazed. We received an 8×10 custom canvas photo, I decided to go with a picture of the in laws. With my father in law passing almost 5 years ago, I thought this would be a great gift for my mother in law for Mother’s Day.

Canvas from easy canvas printseasy canvas prints

I felt the quality of the canvas print was amazing, and I am glad I chose the image I did. I found the whole process of designing and ordering my canvas extremely easy, I was able to see the actual photo as I was designing it, this made it easy to make sure I wasn’t going to cut heads off… Yes, this has happened before with other companies. The pictures would show it was perfected, I would order and heads would be out of place. The easy design process at Easy Canvas Prints, makes it to where you don’t have to worry about heads being cut off. How you see the design, is how you will see it on your wall! No second guessing if the image is positioned properly.

How would you like to check out Easy Canvas Prints? Thanks to Easy Canvas Prints, one lucky reader of The Neat Things in Life, is going to get a chance to do just that!

One reader of The Neat Things in Life, is going to win an 8×10 Custom Canvas Photo including free shipping. If the winner wants to get a larger canvas they can do so by paying the extra cost.


Head on over to Easy Canvas Prints, have a look around, and tell me something you liked or learned.

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  19. Love photos on canvas. I have several done by Canvas Press – They have done a terrific job. I wouldn’t mind a few more of the kids or as a gift…maybe for Father’s Day.

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    They are printed and stretched in house

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  42. I learned that they have a great idea gallery.

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  45. They give back to the community: “Giving back is just part of who we are at Easy Canvas Prints.”

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    I love the custom canvas prints…would love to have one created!

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    i like that you can use instagram photos to print to canvas

  57. I learned that you can choose your own border.

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  59. I learned you can choose different borders

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