Shipping Containers ARE NOT Safe As Storm Shelters

I woke up to a comment I wanted to address…

cargo containers are not safe for storm shelters underground

If you would notice this was posted on my Storm Shelters post. After going to the link in that comment it became very clear this company was modifying storage containers for storm shelters. Now I am not sure how they are doing this, if they are making the walls sturdier our not. I know if these containers are dropped in the ground as is, they can become deadly. A lot of work is need to properly use cargo containers as storm shelters.

It’s not as simple as purchasing a cargo or shipping container, and placing it into the ground. The walls will collapse under pressure. In my opinion it would be smarter and cheaper to have cement poured and one done like a basement would be done.

Keep in mind your families safety is most important.

The only reason I know how unsafe these are, is because once we were stupid we purchased a container, and we were going to do just that, I started reading up, and I found cases where people died when their safe place collapsed. These containers don’t make good shelters underground.

So if you are thinking about getting a cargo container to put in the ground for a storm shelter PLEASE read up on how to properly get the spot ready.

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