Bringing Back The Wii

Do as I sit here, I keep looking at the Wii knowing I have to get my lazy behind up and get a workout in. I dusty off the Wii fit board, and started getting my groove on. I have been doing this for about 4 days now, and let me tell you, I AM SORE AS SORE GETS! For the first 2 days, I walked a little over 2 miles using the Walk it Out game from Konami. This game isn’t bad for a walking game, I actually start to get into it after awhile. I wish there was more songs but I am slowly unlocking different parts of the Island.

Walking with Walk it Out is a lot better then going outside on a hot day, and trying to walk on the road. With all the curves and hills here it is pretty dangerous to walk. Would love to get a sidewalk out here, but being in the country that will never happen.

I have also been hitting up the EA Active more workouts! HAH All I can say is I FORGOT I had jumping rope in my custom workout. My arms and legs are killing me today, but I am not going to let that stop me, I am going to get up soon and get to moving. The more calories I burn the more pounds I drop and the more muscle I build. I am ready to drop the weight.

I haven’t taken my measurements again though I am somewhat scared too. Maybe later today I will, and will come back with a great lose in inches? Let’s hope because I would love to get into my jean shorts this summer!

What are some ways you are getting fit?

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  1. Melanie Montgomery says:

    Im not trying to lose weight, but I need to get in shape. I have a loft townhome and walking up the stairs to my bedroom makes me lose my breath. My husband and I have started by just walking our dog…a little farther each day!


    Jammie Reply:

    Every little bit helps, I have learned drinking water will help a lot more. I drink 88 to 120 ounces a DAY. Good luck with getting in shape, you can do it!


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