Raw Food Detox Cookbook Review

American companies make it hard for one to lose weight, if you go to the grocery store you will notice all the not so good foods are pretty affordable, while the foods that can offer our body many health benefits are not so cheap. For example, a box of tuna helper runs for about 99 cents, then you have a can of tuna fish at .69cents, and the other remaining products needed to make this quick fix meal should be staples in your home already, such as milk and butter. So for $1.70 I can make my family lunch. However, if you’re like me you would have to make a double batch of this to actually fill everyone up. So this dinner is still under $4 to make, it contains a lot of calories. Just ask my waistline it will tell you.

Now if you wanted to go a healthy route you would have to purchase several other items and the price can add up. Have you priced fruit lately? Red grapes $2.58 a pound, luckily I found some for 99 cents a pound and stocked up.

With my family going from box foods, to more healthy options, I needed a little guide to go by, I mean for 10 years, I have been cooking not so healthy foods for my family, which would probably be to blame for the 100 pounds I gained after I had my daughter… Thankfully I only have 50 more pounds to drop before I am to the weight I was when I gave birth, however, I was still overweight when I had her.

Back in the older days we never heard no such thing as obesity, probably because everyone ate from the land. When we eat products from the land we can assume it’s organic. I am not talking about mass produced farm grown, I am talking about products we grow in our own yards, and the wild foods, such as berries, fruits and nuts.

With the Raw Food Detox cookbook by Ulrika Davidsson, you will have over 100 recipes at your finger tips to live a healthier lifestyle. After trying some of these recipes your body will start to feel a change. While my family has not gone 100% raw we have put the box meals and packaged meals behind us.

We now cook with more organic products and of course more raw products, such as seeds and nuts.

Some of the benefits from eating more raw foods include increased energy, weight loss, and even a stronger immune system. When you treat your body right, it will in return treat you right.

The problem America is having, is we are putting to many man made chemicals into our bodies, these chemicals have not been tested enough, and can cause many health problems when used for long periods of time, one being obesity.

I feel it’s that time we get control back of what goes into our bodies.

One thing I liked about the Raw Food Detox cookbook, is that it gave me the ability to learn how to cook using more raw products. However, I did try to make the seed rolls, and it failed. In the recipe it doesn’t call for running the ingredients through a food processor, I would strongly advice doing this step before trying to prepare the rolls.

Everything Drink

4 servings

1 avocado

2 beets

1 apple

1 cup pineapple, chopped

10 frozen strawberries

1.7 oz almonds

5 florets broccoli

½ cup frozen blackberries

2 ice cubes

Cut open the avocado and remove the pit and skin. Peel the beets and chop into small pieces. Core and slice the apple. Mis all of the ingredient into a smoothie using a blender. Pour into four glasses and serve immediately. -Raw Food Detox (Page 43)

If you are looking to go raw, I highly recommend the Raw Food Detox cookbook, you would be amazed with some of the foods you can prepare going the raw food way. You can purchase Raw Food Detox at Barnes and Noble for just under ten dollars.

I received a copy for review purposes only no other form of payment was received, all opinions will vary, this is my honest opinion.


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