Hoover Max Extract 60 Review

Recently, I had the chance to check out the Hoover Max Extract 60, thanks to Mom Central. Although this blog post was not required for the campaign, I felt the need to do the post because so many other bloggers were expressing how unhappy they were with the product. I wanted to show how the product worked for my family. I understand everyone will have their own opinions on the product, but some of the ones stating the machine does not clean the carpets are untrue. I am about to show before and after images of my carpet. We have a puppy that is not fully potty trained, and a daughter who likes to leave drinks out which get knocked to the floor by our wonderful fur-baby.

With him going in and out all the time our carpet gets its fair share of traffic. Keep in mind I have cleaned my carpets twice in the past few months with another brand carpet cleaner…

before cleaning carpet with hoover extract maxYup, this carpet is disgusting, I wouldn’t allow my daughter to walk in the living room with no shoes on. Most people make shoes go off at the door, I made them stay on.

carpet after cleaning

Can you see the difference, I am not seeing how this machine isn’t doing the job it’s supposed to do… I read the manual before using the machine, and I didn’t use as much carpet cleaner as stated, because I knew I would run out. Yes, the machine comes with a small sample. Yes, the machine uses a lot of cleaning solution. It is a bigger machine and I feel it’s expected to use a larger amount.

hoover extract max 60I had the Hoover Extract Max 60 out of the box and put together within 5 minutes.Usually my husband puts the bigger items together. I was overly excited to be a part of this campaign I was not waiting.

carpet before being cleaned with hoover maxKeep in mind this carpet was cleaned twice in the past few months, and it still looked like this!

carpet after cleaning with hoover extract 60I would like to clean this carpet again, in the manual it does state if the carpet is heavily stained you should spray a spot cleaner on it before shampooing, it also states you may want to go over it more times than the recommended which is 4 times. Twice while having the cleaning trigger pulled, and twice without. The reason I only did the recommended strokes was because I knew there wouldn’t be enough carpet cleaner.I didn’t expect to get enough to clean all my carpets.

Yes, the machine was a bit hard to push and pull, BUT IT IS A BIGGER MACHINE. I wouldn’t expect it to go over my carpet without some effort. I want my carpet clean and in order to get a clean carpet it has to be as close to the floor as possible. You cannot get a glass of milk put a straw an inch from the milk and expect to suck through the straw and get milk out of it can you? Plus, it’s an added bonus clean carpets while getting a great workout!

Same goes for floor cleaners, when you mop your kitchen floor do you hold the mop above the floor or do you have it snug on the floor.

Another thing I loved about this carpet machine, is it’s easy to take a part and clean once you are done. Emptying the dirty water is also nice, I don’t have to worry about spilling it on my hands, because I can empty by unscrewing a cap or by taking a larger section off. I also like the fact I have two sections on the cleaning canister… one for water and the other for cleaning solution. Sometimes I can forget how much solution to put in, so this helps.

Although I did receive the Hoover Max Extract 60 for free in participating in a campaign for Mom Central the images above show the machine does work, and it does get those stains out. I personally love this machine, and I would recommend it to others. If you have ever used a bigger machine to clean your carpets in the past you would know they can be harder to use because they’re bigger.

 I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.

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