The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream Review

Nothing beats homemade ice cream! It wasn’t until recently, we discovered what homemade ice cream really tasted like. I love the ability to mix and match flavors to make it truly our own. With ice cream being a big hit in most homes it’s important that we control what all goes into making it. Before we discovered homemade we would purchase from the store, that stuff is not only loaded with calories, it’s also loaded with ingredients I cannot pronounce!

No offense to those makers of that ever so yummy ice cream, but I am on this new kick, the things I put into my body I would like to be able to pronounce them. if I cannot pronounce them, chances are they’re not the best for my body.

Recently, I was able to check out The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream: Over 300 Gelatos, Sorbets, Cakes & More By Jan Hedh. This book is jammed packed with some fancy desserts! Whether you are looking for an ice cream for an appetizer, or an ice cream for a dessert chances are you will find what you’re looking for in this book!

Once of my favorite parts of the book is the step by step directions on how to make some of the fanciest desserts that you would only see in those fancy restaurants! I also loved seeing a recipe for Iced Coffee! I cannot drink my coffee hot, it tends to play tricks with my stomach. So I drink my coffee cold, yummy.

The Viennese Iced Coffee is to die for, it not only brings you the yummy flavors of iced coffee it also brings you that yummy flavor of ice cream. It’s my kind of drink.

So whether you’re wanting to find a healthy version to some of your favorite desserts, or wanting to impress your friends and family with some of the fanciest desserts this would be the book for you. You can purchase this book on Amazon for just under $20.

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