Black Box Wine Review – Merlot

Wine is an acquired taste for most people, I personally love the taste of a good Merlot and recently got to get up close in personal with Black Box wine of my choice. The Black Box Wine company has an impressive history as high quality Californian wine makers. The company has received over 20 gold metal awards and were listed as a best buy wine 17 times in Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Because of Black Box Wine’s achievements and standing in the wine enthusiast world, I was excited to try their Merlot for myself. I received a large box of current Merlot as well as a very inventive travel sized box of Merlot from 2009. The wine is made for serious wine drinkers with a full aromatic body and a rich finish that is right at the sweet spot between dry and wet. In typical Merlot fashion, the wine has flavorful berry overtones that will make any Merlot lover say “mmmmm”.

Black Box Wine

Coincidentally, shortly after I received this wine, it was my nieces birthday. She’s not a wine drinker at all, but I used some of Black Box Merlot to make her a frozen berry lemonade and she loved it. The wine is 13.5% alcohol, so it is quite strong for those not used to drinking real wine, but functions well as a mixer for those without a taste for such a full bodied Merlot.

Whether you’re am experienced wine drinker or not, Black Box wines offer an elegant dinner wine or a casual drink at a very affordable price. In addition to this, their box packaging method helps promote greener waste by leaving less of a footprint on the earth compared to glass or plastic. If you have a special event to cater or enjoy an evening glass of full bodied wine before bed, give Black Box wines a try.

You can purchase Black Box Wine for only $24.99 that is the equivalent of paying $6.25 per 750ml Bottle!

We received product for review purposes only no other form of payment was received.

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  1. I like the idea of wine in a box.

    (why do you have the double spammer whammy? – Isn’t just the check box enough?)

    • No offense but does it matter why? If you have ever ran a site on wordpress you will notice people like to not play nice, they like to leave porn comments, and/or try to password guess you. The math problem “spammer whammy” prevents the password guesser bots from being able to attempt to guess the password to the site. For those who are not spammers they have nothing to worry about hitting a box to check you are not a spammer, as well as answering a math question is not much to ask for those wanting to enter giveaways/leave comments. I personally think it is better than the capitcha spam protection that you cannot even see the letters half the time, if you prefer I only have one, I will be more than happy to bring in the capticha so you have to reload the page 29483 times in order to get the capitcha right…

  2. Thanks, my mom likes wine and this might be a good present for her.

  3. This box wine is probably the worst merlot I’ve ever tried. It’s tart & offensive beyond any cheap wine I’ve ever tried. Had to toss the whole box. I don’t even want to cook with it.
    Only have been drinking red box wine for 20+ yrs., believe me I know!

    • I am sorry you felt that way, everyone is different and everyones opinions are different as well. My husband and a few of our friends who tried the wine enjoyed it. When one has been drinking red wine for as long as you have, your taste buds get use to certain types of wines, your taste buds obviously like the more expensive brands. :)

    • JFK
      I so agree with you.. This is so bad i cant even try to drink it.. I have wasted my money and very disappointing.. I would love to contact the company.. Im still looking for that address.

    • I totally agree it is terrible!!! Worst boxed wine, let alone merlot, that I have ever had!

      • Jammie Morey says:

        Thank you for your comment. Everyone has different tasted and everyone expects different from the wines they drink. This was merely my opinion on the product and my husband liked the wine.

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