How Safe is Your Identity

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How many of you have been a victim to identity theft? Identity theft is a lot more common now then it was 20 years ago, the reason being there are easier ways to access ones information. With having access to the internet it doesn’t take much for a hacker to obtain all they need to know to take over your identity and make your life hell.

Thankfully there are companies out there that want to help. Lifelock is one of those companies. Lifelock began in 2005 and gives you away to be alerted if someone is trying to take your identity. Lifelock is more than just a company that alerts you if they detect credit fraud, they also alert you if anyone is trying to obtain wireless service, credit cards, utilities, and even mortgage loans in your name.

If you become a victim while a Lifelock member they will spend up to $1 million and do what it takes so that you can recover!

How hack friendly is your password? You may think you have a hack proof password but chances are you don’t. Many people use passwords that they can remember such as names of children, pets, or other loved ones. This allowing a hacker about .000224 seconds to hack your password.

When setting up a password it is very important that you not only use letters but you mix them with lower and upper case, and you use numbers and symbols. Hackers will have a harder time cracking those passwords.

This helps to also keep you better protected with a large portion of Americans doing more of their banking and paying bills online it is very important we are protected to the best of our ability. To find out more information be sure to follow LifeLock on Facebook.

Remember it only takes .000224 seconds for a hacker to crack a password.

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