Cheap decorating ideas for kids rooms and how to DIY

 Decorating your little one’s room can be costly, especially because you have to cater for their changing needs as they are growing. With the Christmas season coming up, you don’t want to spend excessive amounts on redesigning your child’s room to look like a spread from Better Homes and Gardens – instead, you want affordable ideas that also look great.

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for house and land packages in Truganina, or land for sale in Berwick to build your dream house – there are a few ways you can make your kid’s room a dream room without it costing an arm and a leg.

DIY: build them a bookshelf

When it comes to bookshelves, you may think it’s easy to buy one from a furniture store and assemble it at home, but wait: you’re just nailing together pieces of wood, so why not source your own and save your family a bit of money? Often local construction sites will have excess pieces of wood they are willing to give away, so pick some up, dig up your hubby’s saw, and give those arms a workout! Remember to size and measure everything accurately, and make sure the wood is fairly solid so it will last a while. The great thing about building your kid’s bookshelf is that you can paint it whatever colour you want – you could even get them to put their handprint on it as a memory of the time you spent together decorating.

Brighten up a room

Kids love bright colours, and their room should be a space that reflects that love and reaffirms positivity. If you wanted to change the colour of the walls from a dull white to a bright colour, don’t colour all four sides. Instead, choose one wall (the one behind the headboard or facing the bed is a good option) and create a feature piece. This instantly makes the room look bigger; plus, if they still like the colour in a few years time, you’ll have one less wall to paint!

Incorporate a chest for toys

Kids have plenty of toys, and too often, they will throw the toys all over the floor and leave you with a great big mess to tidy up! Chests are a great way to solve this messy dilemma. Get them into the habit of putting their toys back in the chest when they finish playing with them, and you’ll save yourself countless hours of cleaning up. Wooden chests are relatively cheap to buy; alternatively, if you have some wood left over from some other DIY projects (such as building a bookshelf), you can even piece together your own and ask them to help decorate it.

Lana Waters is a freelance writer who loves coming up with new DIY projects for her and her little ones.

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