Switched From Windows

It seems every few months or so I get stuck trying to clean viruses from my laptop. This process has become too much. The last time I did a full wipe was back in June. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but it needed to be done. Recently, I have been getting some browser redirected, but after looking at all the running processes on my computer nothing was out of the norm.

I ran fixmestick, and that found one virus I removed it, ran another program that found a few so I removed them, ran another program and that found some, so I did the same as before and removed them. However, that redirect was still happening, I couldn’t for the live of me figure it out. I checked everything possibly to no avail. So I run yes another program, it shows I have stuff it states I must reboot for changes to take effect…

I reboot and get this screen about there being an error blah blah blah. I ask windows to fix it, it comes back there is no fix. At this point I cannot boot the computer, it asks if I would like to recover I say yes, thinking it would give me a restore point… NOPE

I tried to back out of it, because I had some unsaved things on the computer. However, that made it worse. So, I made the switch. I have removed windows completely from my computer, and have gone to Ubuntu. I cannot take having to restore everything ever 4 to 5 months. I have to much other things I have to do…

Now that I have Ubuntu installed, all my emails set back up like before, I get to do that painful task of cleaning up my emails. I leave my emails on the servers incase things like this happens… So now I have over 5k emails in almost all my emails that need cleaned up fun, fun… NOT.

I also lost all my bookmarks… boooooooo. I had planned on getting some reviews up today, but it looks like my day will be spent situating my laptop. Not how I had intended to spend the day, however, it must be done.

I will work on getting some reviews posted tomorrow.


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