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Back in October I had won a giveaway from OurKidsMom. It was for a $50 GC to Magic Cabin. As of the end of November I has still be waiting to receive the Giftcard, and Heather over at OurKidsMom has been trying to find out what was going on, I was really wanting to order a few things for my daughter for Christmas so I went and contacted Magic Cabin on November 30th on their facebook via direct message.

This is what Magic Cabin told me as a response…

Magic Cabin

Hi Jammie,

We never received an email from the blogger telling us who won the contest. Can you please provide us with your address so we can send the gift card?

Having won from OurKidsMom in the past I didn’t find this to be true… Magic Cabin took my information and kept in touch via facebook. I got a message on the 5th of December from Magic Cabin asking if I received the gift card yet, I let them know I was still waiting and asked when it was shipped I was told the 26th of November. At this time Magic Cabin stated it was probably lost in the mail, and they would have another one sent via UPS instead of USPS.

On the 6th of December the gift card showed up and it was post marked on the 4th of December. Thus, meaning it didn’t ship on the 26th of November like it was stated. I let Magic Cabin know I did receive it and NOT to send another.

At this point I was just excited to be able to order items for my daughter before the holidays. I ordered some glow in the dark bug rings and some geodes.

total order

Total order with shipping is…

order for magic cabin

The package I received was 0.90 pounds, not even 1 pound, so I knew the Geodes were NOT included… I opened up the package only to find the two sets of rings, and some thing called Kathe Kruse bathtime fun for doll and me or something… It was a small handtowel with a doll float ring inside.

The order form inside shows the above though…

I immediately contact Magic Cabin via Facebook, then contact their CS. While attempting to contact their CS I was put through to a third party call center that was clueless, I was placed on hold while they attempted to contact Customer Service for Magic Cabin, and each time I was told they were busy and I needed to call back.

At one point I asked the lady on the other end what was the hours for customer service, and I was told about 24 hours. I asked if she meant they were available 24 hours she said no she means they will contact me back within 24 hours. This lady acted as though she was nervous and had no clue what she was doing.

After being hung up on by the 3rd attempt to contact customer service for Magic Cabin to find out what was going on, my husband decided to call. This time he talked to someone who was actually a customer service rep with Magic Cabin. She went a head an did a replacement order for the geodes.

With being a home-schooling family this was something my daughter was truly excited to get.

I thought all was well, the product we ordered was on its way. Until I woke up to find a message from Magic Cabin on facebook letting me know that product was on backorder and when they contacted the buyer and was informed the item has been discontinued.

I am now wondering why this item wasn’t placed in a backorder or discontinued product on the Magic Cabin website, and how I was in fact allowed to order it in the first place.

I was asked if there was anything else I would like in exchange for the item I ordered and won’t be receiving… I figured I would go with the beading loom kit. If I would have known I was unable to get the geodes I wouldn’t have ordered when I did. The following day free shipping was available.

With having paid 12.98 for the geodes, 9.99 for shipping and still having 1.07 on the Gift Card I would have only needed to add a small amount to the order which I would have done with paypal, and the order would have been shipped free of charge, so I would have had the means to get that product.

When I let Magic Cabin know that was the item I wanted since the geodes were discontinued, I was informed that was $17 more then the geodes and I could only get that product if I were to pay the extra because they can only go up to 40% more…Well let’s figure this all out… Geodes were 12.98, shipping was 9.99, the product I received was not 9.99 to ship… so 12.98 + 9.99 = 22.97 the gift card was for $50. If you take the $50 – 25.96 for the rings that leaves a balance of … $24.04 the bead loom kit is $29.98. However, if one wants to get technical, the geodes with shipping was 22.97 which the bead loom still would be in the 40% mark.

If I would have know the Geodes were discontinued I would have went with the bead loom. The bead loom, rings, and free shipping would have brought the total to $55.96. I would have gladly paid the remaining balance.

While the person on the Magic Cabin facebook attempted to resolve this issue, I will never purchase from them nor will I recommend them to friends or family. They’re very unorganized on their site, their third party answering service is not all there, and obviously their customer service isn’t in the loop of things either, or they would have told my husband the product was on backorder, instead they went ahead an reordered the product.

Poor service all around.


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