A Flavorful Cigar Smoking Experience

Zigarillos-Makro rk

While I don’t do it frequently, I occasionally enjoy a cigar. I’ve tried several different cigars in the past few weeks, but 2 days ago I discovered my new cigar favorite. I normally will only smoke a cigar once in a while, but because of their smooth flavor, I enjoy these new cigars once a month or so.

The macanudo cigars are known for their smoothness and mild flavor. The first time I had a cigar I was sitting at the local pub with a friend. He offered me one, and when I tried it, I was impressed with the smoothness and mild flavor. While I have not tried this particular brand I would love to one day have the opportunity to do so.  If your an occasional cigar smoker or regularly enjoy them, you to know how important it is to have a cigar that is not only smooth but does have the mild flavor.

Cigars are an acquired taste, but the smoke is typically not inhaled. Some smokers may slightly inhale, but not many. Cigars can be enjoyed with a beverage, or while relaxing by the pool.

Have you ever smoked a cigar? What were your thoughts on the first time you took your first drag?


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