The Dangers of Using A Contactless Card For Purchase Transactions

The convenience of contactless credit cards and debit cards have made them increase tremendously in worldwide popularity. While a contactless card provides an easy way to make purchases, their use comes with far more potential for identity theft.

How Criminals Steal Contactless Card Information

A contactless card communicates with a device that reads card information using a radio wave transmission. Just as these devices can be used to make legitimate transactions, they can also be used to make fraudulent ones.

Cyber criminals and identity thieves use this technology to send a request to your card just like a store clerk does. They can easily obtain and use this information to make purchases with your funds, ruin your credit and gain control over financial aspects of your life.

Preventing Identity Theft

The only way to ensure your contactless card information cannot be stolen in this manor, is to protect it using a wallet or shield that blocks radio waves. This is an excellent example of a simple solution for a complex problem that current credit and debit card users are now facing.

What are somethings you do to make sure your identity is protected?

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