Keeping in Touch With Long Distance Friends And Relatives

The Internet has made regular contact with friends and loved ones much easier. Websites like Facebook and Google+ are great for sharing photos and messages with others, but it’s not quite the same as being face to face.

Prices on air fair or fuel to make long distance visits can be much too expensive for many people today, but Skype light is a great way to get up close in personal without spending above your household budget.

I grew up in the South, but I have friends and relatives all across the nation and overseas. Almost all of my relatives on my Dad’s side live in New York state and along the eastern seaboard. I have friends in California, Michigan and talking with them over webcam with Skype is much more personable than using social media or Internet web chat.

My Mom’s side of the family are in states that border mine, but regularly making trips to visit them can still be very costly. While it’s fun to visit in person once or twice a year, we can see each other whenever we want using the webcam and our Internet connection.

This has allowed us to stay up to date and current with all the family news and share what’s going on in our lives with one another more easily. Whether there’s new family members on the way or a special family event being held, live webcam chat makes sharing the news almost as good as a face to face visit.

If you’re like me and have family and friends in many different states, this is one of the best ways to keep in touch and retain long lasting relationships over long distances.

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