3 Ways Geographic SEO Helps Local Businesses

Establishing a local business within a community can involve numerous hurdles to achieve a profitable customer base. Limitations such as physical location and public awareness are among the most difficult issues that local businesses face today. Despite the problems involved with operating a successful local business, geographic SEO marketing is a highly effective way to overcome these challenges.

How Local SEO Can Overcome a Bad Business Location

Before the advantages of Internet marketing were available, location was key to operating a successful local business establishment. With far less location options available for today’s business owners, a local OrangeSoda SEO strategy can spread awareness about the goods or services offered by the company.

Even if customers can’t easily identify your business location within the community, local SEO makes it possible for them to find what your business has to offer from the comfort of home. Few consumers will drive around town trying to locate a business that has what they’re after, but a quick search of local businesses can lead them to exactly what they are looking for.

The Mobile Revolution and Local SEO

Searching from home isn’t the only way that prospective customers are finding what they need. As mobile traffic continues to dominate the Internet more than ever before, a local SEO campaign is increasingly crucial to locally owned business within every area of industry.

Consumers on the go can use their mobile device to quickly find the goods or services they require within their community. By 2015, mobile traffic will account for over half of the Internet use in the world. This means that now is the best time for local business owners to establish themselves on the Internet

With a targeted SEO campaign, local businesses are able to promote themselves quickly and easily to consumers using smartphones, tablet computers and desktop PCs at home.
Reaching Customers in Surrounding Communities

In addition to crushing location limitations and becoming part of the mobile revolution, local SEO is also a great way to extend the reach of a business to nearby towns and cities.

The business may be doing fine within the area, but a local marketing campaign will reach further than the largest billboard or company sign. Consumers will go to great lengths to get the products and services they need at the lowest price and highest quality available. By utilizing these strategies, a local business can attract the attention of thousands more potential customers within a 50 to 100 mile radius.

Local Businesses Are Not Alone

Thanks to the efforts of reputable SEO companies, it’s easy for any business owner to begin marketing themselves locally. Although Internet marketing and local SEO were not needed in the past, today’s local business owners will have to establish themselves online in order to overcome location, be reached by mobile users and extend their reach to customers in nearby communities.

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