Listening To The Oldies

When I work out I found that if I am listening to music the workout is fast! My daughter likes to make fun because the music I listen to is what she would consider oldies! Although, I did grow up in the 80’s I don’t think the music I listen to qualifies as oldies, but what do I know, I am just a mom, right?

Did you know you can Buy Oldies Songs Online? I have started to add to my workout routine library, I want music that I can understand, and music that will keep me going.

The last song I purchased for my workout music was Bon Jovi Bad Medicine!

Bon Jovi, has ALWAYS been one of my favorite bands from my childhood. When I do my workout music, I want music that is going to get me going and keep me going, and nothing that is all blah and depressing. I want something that will get me hyped, so I can get the work out going, and when I am down with the line-up I can breath because I know I am one step closer to my goal weight.

How many of you use music to motivate you? Whether it is motivating you to clean or to workout.

Honestly, I never did until recently, it use to give me bad headaches, now it relaxes me, and gives me something to sing to while I am working out and cleaning. Of course I have to wear headphones, because no one in the house likes my kind of music!!!

What are some songs you consider to be oldies?

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