Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge Day 10

Fat to Thin

Today, is day 10 of the 70 Day Journey Gym Challenge. With being 10 days in I am already starting to feel so much better about myself. Before I started this fitness challenge I always felt as though I was drained.

My sleep pattern, my energy level, and my self-confidence was crap before I started the 70 day Journey Gym challenge. I would stay up until almost 3am and when I did sleep, my sleeping was very light, and I would toss and turn. When I woke up I always felt tired, as if I didn’t sleep at all. Now I am going to bed a bit earlier and waking up feeling refreshed. I am not tossing and turning like I once did. I also noticed, I am waking up in better spirits.

Every morning I weigh myself, log it, and continue on with my day. The scale bounces a lot, BUT I can feel the change this challenge is having on my body already, so the number on the scales is not depressing me, it isn’t making me want to give up and say I cannot do this. Matter of fact, it’s doing the opposite, it’s giving me the motivation I have been missing when trying to get healthier.

The 70 day Journey Gym fitness challenge is the motivation I needed to help guide me in my weight loss journey.

Over the years I have tried different fad diets, to help me lose weight, and the only thing that happened with these fad diets, is I lost weight temporary, but I gained it back, plus more.

Nothing I have done in the past has left me with the feeling I am having now.

If you’re like me and trying to lose weight, the way to go isn’t with the fad diets, but with the proper motivation, exercise, and diet. Don’t look at the scale and feel defeated, if you’re working out, and eating properly, everything else will fall into place.

Weight loss motivation is the secret to getting fit.

Day 10 of the 70 Day Journey Gym Challenge is complete!

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