Do You Dress Your Dog Up?

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The old saying goes, “a dog is a man’s best friend”. There are many homes with a dog as a family pet. Dogs tend to become part of the family and enjoy everything the family enjoys. Some people treat their dog so much as part of the family that they also get them a Halloween costume. There are some websites on the internet, such as, were Halloween costumes and other fun items can be found for the family dog.

Dress Your Dog up in MLB Gear

It is summer time, and that means it is time for baseball. Major League Baseball is well underway. If you are a huge MLB fan, consider dressing up your dog in your favorite team’s gear. There are places on the internet where you can find scarves, bandanas, collars, shirts, and even a leash with the logo and colors of your favorite team. There is no better way to show off which MLB team is your favorite than to show up at the family barbeque with your dog all dressed in the gear of your favorite team.

Pampering Your Dog

Not only can you dress your dog up in fun Halloween costumes, your favorite sports team gear, or anything else you can think of, you can pamper them with things like an extra comfortable bed, special dog treats, and even with a manicure. Dogs know how well you treat them and they will love you for all the pampering you give them. By showing your love for your dog through pampering, they will feel loved. The love a dog feels is good for their health.

Shopping for Dog Pampering Online

If you are ready to pamper your dog, turn no further than your computer. There are plenty of places online, such as, where you can buy all kinds of things to help pamper them. Even if you are not sure about all of this, just go looking to see what is out there. You will be amazed at the products you will find. Most people who go looking find things they would love for their dog.

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  1. I don’t usually dress up our dog, but one very cold winter I bought her a sweater to go outside. She didn’t seem to like it indoors but she would tolerate it outside since it helped keep her warm. Love our furbaby Luna!

  2. There is something that seems very weird to me about “dressing up” animals – unless it is for health/safety reasons, like a cold-weather sweater. I see people dressing up their pets for Halloween and it makes me cringe. I love pampering pets, but putting them in uncomfortable clothing is not my idea of pampering them, I saw someone dress up their African Grey parrot in a NY Yankees “uniform” once, and the poor bird was so uncomfortable he kept squawking and trying to peck it off.

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