Gillian’s Top 10 Netflix Kid’s Picks for 2013

Gillian has decided to continue her Netflix Kid’s Picks series with the top 10 Netflix kids movies and shows for 2013. Some of the movies are recent titles, but others are old favorites. Gillian enjoys pet movies, action fantasy and of course, girly movies. If you’re on the lookout for some fresh movie ideas for the kids, here are Gillian’s current top 10 favorites.

10. Princess Protection Program – Selena Gomez co-stars with Demi Lovato in this light-hearted film about a princess from a foreign land hiding out in America. After the princess meets her sassy new American friend, together they come to new realizations about life as teenagers.

9. Little Monsters – Howie Mandel co-stars with Fred Savage from the Wonder Years in this tale about a fantasy land of monsters under children’s beds.

8. Cow Bells – Pop Rock duo Ally and AJ star together in this teen comedy about two sisters working in the dairy industry.

7. Dadnapped – An all-star cast of Disney favorites come together in this comical tale about a famous comic-book creator’s kidnapping. With her rag-tag group of friends, his daughter must come to his rescue.

6. Alice in Wonderland – The animated story of Alice in Wonderland is currently available on Netflix. Join Alice as she encounters the white rabbit, Mad Hatter and other favorites from this highly popular Disney classic.

5. She-Ra – He-man’s female animated co-star is a girl power adventure cartoon that kids from all generations will enjoy.

4. Secret of the Wings – Tinkerbell reunites with her long lost sister, and she’s forced to solve a big problem to save the seasons in this animated film based on the highly popular fairy from Peter Pan.

3. The Secret of Moonacre – This film is a fantasy tale that tells a story of a moon princess who curses the land. A new true moon princess has to defeat the curse before the 5000th moon rise, and the fairy families have to let go of their pride regarding the moon pearls to keep the peace.

2. Radio Rebel – This teen themed movie stars Debbie Ryan as a rebellious Radio DJ that stirs things up in her local school and community.

1. Mirror Mirror – Gillians #1 kid’s pick for 2013 is the live action adaptation of Snow White, Mirror Mirror. The film stars Julia Roberts as the evil Queen of Hearts in this imaginative re-make of the animated classic.

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