The Importance of Mobile Website Compatibility

Current mobile technology has already become more powerful than many desktop systems made within the last ten years. The rapid advancement of mobile hardware development has brought mobile computing to all new heights, and today’s Internet users have become pioneers of the mobile world of the future. As more and more users make the move to powerful mobile devices, mobile website compatibility has become one of the most important objectives for today’s site owners.

The Mobile World of the Future

Desktop PCs are still commonly found in most households across the country, but mobile technology will eventually make bulky desktop systems a thing of the past. Current projections already prove that mobile devices will account for most of the world’s Internet usage by 2015. As hardware manufacturers continue to develop smaller components with greater computing capabilities, hand-held computing will dominate the personal technology industry of the future.

Mobile devices have already began to transition into fully fledged hand-held computers. Samsung’s Galaxy Note II and Galaxy SIII both feature multi-view, a new Android feature developed by Samsung that allows two windows to be opened at once. Currently, the feature is application specific, and Android titles must have the multi-view code in order to work with the new feature.

Adding Mobile Compatibility to Your Website

Projections and current market data clearly exhibit the importance of mobile website compatibility. As mobile Internet use climbs higher everyday, it is essential to provide mobile browser support on your website or blog. Without mobile compatibility, your website will be missing out on huge amounts of potential traffic.

There are several different ways to make your website optimized for mobile viewing. If you are using a private domain, you should be sure to set a CNAME entry for your domain with the m sub-domain prefix. Mobile users identify this sub-domain with mobile compatibility, so be sure to implement a mobile site version before adding the new DNS entry.

For custom designed websites, manual creation of a mobile site version is usually the best option. It may surprise you, but making a mobile site from scratch is very easy for sites with RSS feeds. The mobile site alternative can be produced with any syndication script as long as its dimensions can be changed for mobile display.

Blogs and websites powered by content management systems are even more simple to optimize for mobile. There are a variety of scripts available that can detect mobile browsesr, and direct it to the mobile version of the site. There are also plugins that convert CMOS content to a mobile friendly version instantly, and display the alternative content to any mobile browser that’s detected.

Mobile website compatibility is already beginning to impact the monthly traffic of sites all over the Internet. Instead of sitting down to a desktop or laptop, more Internet users are reaching for a smartphoone or tablet for quick Google searches. Not only is mobile compatibility of the highest importance, but mobile targeting has become equally valuable for SEO traffic.

Anyway you look at it, every website must be mobile compatible to operate successfully in the coming years. It was once just a luxury for the few, but mobile website compatibility has now become the necessity of the many.

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  1. jamie braun says:

    technology is so hard to keep up with now a days! some of the functions, i cant even work on my phone!

  2. Can I have your permission to post this on my twitter?

  3. Sandy Cain says:

    I am noticing more and more, that various websites have a “click to view on your mobile device” option. That’s a great idea. People are always on the go, and even those of us with a desktop need to be able to navigate the web when away from home! Great post!

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