XANGO Juice and Other Products Made from Mangosteen

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Mangosteen is a fruit that grows in Southeast Asia. It is beloved by the locals for its flavor and has historically been used to treat a variety of health conditions. Since the fruit was discovered by western nutritionists, it has been used in beverages, supplements, and even weight loss plans in the US. The most famous of mangosteen products is XANGO juice, but continue reading for more products.

Beverages and Supplements

XANGO juice is a beverage created from the mangosteen fruit. It consist of 40 different types of xanothones from the mangosteen that promote respiratory, immune, intestinal, and joint health. Since the original juice was created, the company has since created the XANGO Reserva juice which contains pureed mangosteen fruit.
There are also a variety of supplements made from the mangosteen fruit including XANGO vitamins for adults as well as a child variety. The unique flavor of the mangosteen makes these vitamins taste great! Other supplements include Precis which targets heart, brain, and prostate health; and Eleviv which helps naturally restore your body’s energy store.

Skin and Hair Products

You may be surprised that the same product that can improve your heart health can also help your skin. However, your skin is also one of your body’s organs—and the largest one at that. Glimpse is a set of topical products made from mangosteen to help improve your skin health through the use of a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer. Additionally, Juni products have been created to improve and restore your hair and body through shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and lotions.

Lifestyle Programs

While you are welcome to pick and choose how to incorporate the mangosteen products into your life, XANGO has create a lifestyle program to help. FAVAO is a package created to create sustainable health. It includes, what they call, the three tiers of overall good health which are nutrition, fitness, and supplementation. This program includes menus, workout guides, and supplements as well as a step-by-step guide and checklists to help you stay on track. If XANGO juice has helped to improve your health, you might want to try making a lifestyle change that includes the mangosteen fruit.

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