Been in an Auto Injury? Well, this Fort Lauderdale firm has got you covered.

Being in an auto accident is a strange thing, a fact of life I guess. It seems like there’s only a matter of time before someone you love has an accident. The first thing you hope is that everyone on both sides of the accident whether they are at fault or not is alive and at least ok.

Then as you asses the damage you peel back all of the info like layers of an onion to find out what happened, why, who’s at fault and how banged up everyone is. My sister was rear-ended recently and like I said before after you make sure she’s ok you try to figure out how to help and how badly she’s hurt. It was a regular fender bender, pretty bad but no one was seriously injured, which is a blessing.

But after the adrenaline resides and everyone goes through that assessment period a few days after the accident a possible injury can rear it’s ugly head and you better have someone that you can get good advice from if the condition worsens. Because as we all know medical bills can be an absolute nightmare.

So just to cover our bases my parents began looking for an auto injury law firm in South Florida. After interviewing a few large firms and not liking the advice, possible cost or arrogance, my parents found an amazing boutique firm in Ft. Lauderdale called Cobb Eddy Mijares, PLLC. It’s a relatively new firm but the level of experience these counselors have for their age blew my parents away. If you’re looking for a firm that can cover all of your bases but also has a personal touch, you might want to look these gentlemen up.

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