Hype About Movies That Turn To Be DUDS

Have you ever watched a trailer for a movie, and thought to yourself, or out loud, about how awesome it looks, and how you cannot wait to see it? We do this often, we will see a trailer, and when companies advertise their movies, they make sure to show the best parts on the trailers to get you all excited for the movie. However, when you go to the theater to see the movie you end up leaving broke and disappointed.

Recently, my husband and I decided we would go see a movie we both thought looked bad-ass. We really didn’t have the money, but it was our anniversary and we wanted to do something different. We went to the movies paid the outrageous price for the tickets, and of course a soda and some popcorn.

You’re probably wondering what movie we went and seen right?

Well, we went and seen World War Z, at first the movie was turning out to be pretty good, but towards the end it slowly turned into just another one of those zombie movies, and we ended up leaving before the movie was over with, that is how bored we were.

The movie did have its high points, I mean if it didn’t the trailer wouldn’t have made this movie look as if it was going to be one of those movie of the years. However, after about an hour, we realized we just wasted our money.

I cannot wait until a real bad-ass movie makes it way to the theaters, it seems lately though, the only good movies are the kid movies!

Loved the croods!

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  1. Stephanie Larison says:

    Most of the movies my husband takes me to see are duds. He has even been disappointed about some of them. I’m still waiting for a movie to blow me away, it’s sure been a while.

  2. Rachael Perry says:

    Yea World War Z was not so great. Me and my husband had the exact SAME idea, and were really excited to finally see another good zombie movie. Boy were way wrong. The movie fizzled away near the end – its as if the writer suddenly got fired halfway through the movie and got replaced with a far worse one.

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