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Sing for Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing artists and communities together for the purpose of instilling confidence in both creative professionals and those who appreciate the arts. The organization is fueled by the belief that the arts have the ability to inspire, uplift and instill confidence in children and adults alike. Founders Camille Zamora and Monica Yunis are focused on bringing the arts to under-privileged communities and encouraging singers, painters, musicians and all types of artists to volunteer their time and services to those who are less fortunate. The two are professional singers who still perform actively and started Sing for Hope in 2006 to share the psychological benefits of music, dance and theater with children who may not be able to afford the cost of artistic training in these areas.

Programs for Sing for Hope include Art U Youth Outreach Program, which encourages youth to participate in dynamic arts like playing an instrument, becoming a puppeteer, singing or creative movement. The Healing Arts Healthcare Outreach program is also sponsored by Sing for Hope and involves artists visiting hospitals and nursing homes to present live music and singing for the psychological benefit of patients. The Community Arts program by Sing for Hope is another popular movement in New York City, and sponsors the Sing for Hope Pianos program. Pianos are placed all around the city and musicians play them for the pleasure of passersby. The music can serve as the background music for an important life event like a proposal, or can inspire young people to learn more about music.

Donations to Sing for Hope from members of the community are always welcome. Those who are interested in the mission and objectives of the nonprofit organization are encouraged to donate here. The donations go to ensure there are creative outlets for those who are interested in the arts in schools, hospitals and community centers in the NYC area. All major credit cards are accepted, or individuals can make their donations via Paypal. The organization can be reached via phone or email for artists who are interested in volunteering their services to Sing for Hope.

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