The Buzz Behind Orkin’s #BugOut Movement

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world's scariest bugs

Insects come in all shapes, sizes and colors from all over the world. Even though there's more types of bugs than most people imagine, the world’s scariest bugs are usually the ones lurking in the confines of your own home. Orkin's #BugOut movement isn't necessarily about the scariest bugs, but it is about studying them to better prevent them from invading your home.

In a recent article I read about Orkin, studying the science behind pests is Orkin's primary way to learn how to fight against them. I was interested to learn that Orkin has been studying insects for 100 years, and that's why they are on the forefront of battling the creepy, crawly creatures that try to enter our homes.

I'm not personally afraid of many bugs, but I'm always on the lookout for two particular types of household invaders. Here in the south, the Brown Recluse is a big problem. The bites are poisonous, and will always require a visit to the doctor. Another one to lookout for, is the Black Widow. They are less common, but their bite can often be fatal. Although they aren't poisonous, we are also plagued with outdoor spiders in September and October.

To spread awareness and education about the insects that Orkin protects our homes against, they have started the Orkin Ecologist site. The site not only helps readers learn more about how Orkin fights off insects, but it also serves as an excellent educational resource about insects and spiders.

Whether you're afraid of bugs or not, chances are you've got your own #BugOut moment or least favorite pest of them all. Be sure to use the #BugOut tag and share your creepiest, crawliest moments with us on the comments section below, the Orkin Ecologist Facebook page and Orkin on Pinterest.  

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