Use the KulCar to Decrease Your Vehicle’s Internal Temperature

It gets very hot here in the summer time. Tennessee summers can reach temperatures of over 100 degrees between June and August. If that wasn’t bad enough, my car has leather seats that really heat up during the summer months. I also have a daughter and two dogs that have to put up with the backseat heat when we go for a drive. I recently learned about a new way to decrease your car’s temperature using the power of the sun of all things. There’s a new device on the market called the KulCar, and it’s one of the most interesting auto-mobile gadgets I’ve seen this year.

What is KulCar?

In a nutshell, KulCar is two solar-powered fans that fully circulates the air in your vehicle every 90 seconds . One fan blows hot air out of your vehicle, while the other sucks cool air in. It doesn’t hook to your car’s power source, and it does not use batteries. The KulCar powers itself using an adjustable solar panel that’s about the size of a small tablet computer.


KulCar Installation

The KulCar is designed to work with any car, truck or SUV. The device comes with two rubber window guards that can be cut to fit any partially rolled-up vehicle window. The window should be tested by placing the KulCar and the small rubber guard in the window, and rolling the window up as far as it will go. After that, you can measure the larger window gap, and cut the large rubber guard to custom fit the vehicle’s window.


KulCar Results

The device decreases internal vehicle temperatures from 140 to 125 degrees, but that’s just with one KulCar installed. Two units will get the temp down to 112 degrees. Considering that the device uses the sun as it’s power source, these are very impressive results. With the ability to reduce temperatures by as much as 28 degrees, any driver can feel the difference produced by the KulCar.


The Benefits of the KulCar System

Some may argue that hot is hot, but the KulCar is engineered to decrease temperatures inside your car for a very good reason. At 139 degrees, many harmful gases are released from the interior of your vehicle. These fumes are known to cause cancer, and the KulCar decreases the temperature to safe levels to ensure these harmful toxins are not inhaled by you and your family. If you’re looking for a unique gadget that provides health benefits for drivers on the go, try the KulCar for yourself.



Kulcar Power

You can purchase Kulcar at Newegg for $89 and or on Amazon.

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