Lactose Intolerant?

When I first started taking Metformin, I knew of the side effects. However, I also knew as long as I took the medication with food, I would be fine, and for the first month or so I was fine. I had a few little episodes, but nothing major.

For the past month or so it seems like for the first half of the day I am running back and forth to the bathroom. I thought it was the coffee, so I stopped drinking coffee, and the problem is still here. I will go a day or too with no issues then again all over again. I stopped the carbs still no luck.

Now I am wondering if maybe I some how became lactose intolerant, I before had no issue with milk and my body. Today, I was fine, until I had some milk, then I was in the bathroom. I am not 100% positive if this is the issue, or if my body is still trying to adjust to the Metformin, I do however know that this is a pain in the butt issue, and I am tired of being stuck at home because I don’t know if I will have to run to the rest room.

If you’re on Metformin, any tricks or tips you can give me? How did you find what foods to stay away from when eating, I mean I love so many different foods and removing them all would SUCK.

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