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At the end of December, I decided it was time I got serious about entering giveaways again. While I have been entering blog giveaways for years now, I have entered big sweepstakes off and on, I decided I wanted to do more on then off. My place of choice when it comes to finding giveaways is, this has always been my go to place.

I knew they had a paid section as well, and to be honest, I never thought about paying for the premium section of the site. It wasn’t until recently, when I decided if I was going to be serious about entering, I needed to pay a little in order to get access to thousands more sweepstakes. Yes, I know most of these sweepstakes I can find on my own. However, that is time consuming, and I would rather be spending my time entering giveaways, then hunting them down.

There are several things I learned about the premium service as a blogger, and several things I love as a sweeper. The thing I learned as a blogger, is the giveaways we list might not ever get verified, and if they don’t chances are they will not be seen by those that don’t pay for the premium section of the site.

If you have a premium membership, not only do you get to see premium only sweeps, but you also get to see ALL the giveaways that are posted before they get verified. This gives you an advantage when entering giveaways and sweepstakes. I also love the fact that I can open several giveaways up at once, and how when I save giveaways into My Sweeps, it removes them after they expired.

This maybe true for non-paying members as well, I never bothered to use this feature until I became a paying member. Since I wasn’t sure I would like the paid part, I only did a 3 month subscription, once my three months is up, I will be purchasing a year. I have already won my fair share from the premium section of the site, and cannot wait to win more!

So basically, not only do you get more sweepstakes with a paying subscription, you also get to see the giveaways before they’re verified, and it is also more convenient then having to go find all the sweeps yourself.

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