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About a month ago I was going through my e-mail, when a certain one caught my attention. With being a home-schooling family, I get many different home-schooling e-mails. This particular one was for a curriculum that would take the child from 1st grade to 12th grade. The part that caught my eye was the fact it was less than $200!

That curriculum was Robinson Curriculum, I clicked around on the site to learn more about this curriculum, and what I learnt blew my mind. This is everything a child needs to get an outstanding education from 1st grade all the way to 12th grade. The only thing you need to purchase in addition to the Robinson Curriculum, is a math curriculum and Saxon is the one recommended. There’s even a disclaimer stating if you don’t want your child to be smarter than you, this probably isn’t the curriculum for them.

The curriculum is 22 CD’s, the CDs contain everything you need! With more than 250 books, a 1911 Encyclopedia, a 1913 Dictionary, vocabulary words for most books that are read, 50 SAT practise tests, and so much more. The reason for the cheap price is because the curriculum is all on CD and you can either find the book or print the book out.

We have only just started the curriculum, but as of right this minute I love it. I have always believed in self-teaching and this curriculum is just that. The main focus is reading writing and arithmetic the rest such as history, science, and grammar come from the reading. Since we have just started it, I am helping Gillian get use to it. As of right now she seems to like it, first hour of schooling we focus on math, then 2 hours of writing, and 2 hours of reading.

I allow her to write about whatever she wants, and we also work on her handwriting. Then she reads a book that is mandatory from the Robinson Curriculum. I plan to extend her reading once she discovers all the information she can find in reading.

I found one thing I didn’t like much about the curriculum and that is the books are in tiff format, however, I have found the books in pdf form, and we are looking into getting her a tablet, and I will see about putting a tiff reader on it for her so that some of the books I couldn’t find in pdf format she can still read and enjoy.

Since we are just starting the curriculum, I wanted her to be able to take advantage of the full curriculum, so we have started with having her read the books from the start. With a book a day she will have no problem getting all the books read and be at the 7th grade books. I have also noticed I don’t have to tell her to get going on her school work no more she just gets up and starts doing it on her own, which is a first.

You can learn more about Robinson Curriculum by going here, I will also be doing more posts as the year goes on. If you’re thinking about home-schooling, but not sure if you have the time or money, I highly recommend Robinson Curriculum.

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  1. Home schooling has changed with the advent of computers and the internet. Sounds like a good program.

    • Jammie Morey says:

      Home schooling really has changed. It has come a long way and more and more families are choosing to home school. I wouldn’t change it for the world, and my daughter seems to be loving this curriculum.

  2. How do you manage getting enough interaction with other kids when you homeschool?

    • Jammie Morey says:

      Easy, there’s so many great homeschooling groups all over, that allows the kids to interact. More and more families are turning to homeschooling, I wouldn’t trade it for nothing!

  3. Sandy Cain says:

    YOU a re a smart mom! How I wish I had homeschooled mine! Too late now, though…I regret it all the time!

    • Jammie Morey says:

      Homeschooling has so many pros and cons. I am glad I went the route of homeschooling most the times. My daughter fusses sometimes wanting to go to public school, I did give her the option to make the switch back into the schooling, however, she couldn’t do the things I asked. All her cousins go to public school and most want to be homeschooled. I do believe in the future there will be more families home schooling.

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