Give Your Children A Simply Stunning Summer

Summer is here, and with it the opportunity to enjoy your summer with your family. If you have
annual leave booked, you might have a week or two of holidays to experience with your family. Sometimes though, the best part of your summer is spending time with your family at home and enjoying your environment as part of that tight unit.

There’s no better way to give your children a great childhood than to make sure they have adequate time to play and unwind after a long school semester. But sitting in a garden all day with your family hardly makes the most of it. What should you do? Here are a few activities and amenities that can help your children truly remember this summer.


Everyone enjoys a barbecue. Getting variant packages of meat and letting your children invite their friends and friends parents around allows you to develop bonds with the families your child attends school with, and allows your child to blossom friendships outside of their school lives. This is a universally fun activity and goes down a storm as an entertainment interest. If you’ve recently decorated your garden, why not host even more people, and let your hard work speak for itself?

Just be sure to include a variety of considerations for different dietary requirements, such as vegans or vegetarians who attend your gathering.

Water Toys

Summers are usually very hot, especially with the new common trend of heatwaves as the climate changes and continually sets records for increasingly hotter seasons. Equipping your children with water toys such as super soakers and water bombs can bring out your family’s silly side, and cool off to a better degree as they do so.

Paddling Pools

As with water toys, padding or inflatable garden swimming pools can provide weeks of entertainment during the hot season, and encourage your children to leave the comfort of their bedrooms playing video games.

Make sure that you purchase a paddling pool that has the correct water height for the age of the children you’re providing it for, and keep a close watch on them as they play in it. Also be sure that you cover it at night to prevent a build up of bugs and leaves. Also be sure to clean it as instructed in order to provide your kids with the most hygienic pool experience possible.


A trampoline is a great garden feature for your children to keep them active and in the sunlight. It will also last much longer than just a summer, and could even last for years, so it’s an investment well worth it for the entertainment of your children. However, like with many children’s toys, it’s best to research effectively. The 5 best and safest trampoline brands of 2017 are detailed at length in this review, and will help you allocate your money in a great trampoline product. Safety and longevity are important here.

Climbing Frames

Just like a trampoline, purchasing a climbing frame for your garden can help your children explore how to use their bodies to traverse objects and satisfactorily get their exercise indirectly. Make sure that you purchase a solid wooden frame because they are usually more sturdy and practical to assemble than the plastic variety. They might be more expensive, but paying a premium for a great product your children are going to be climbing all over is self-evident in its benefits.


It’s important for children to spend time in nature. It’s also important for them to understand how to camp effectively. This doesn’t mean you need to run a scout camp with them, but taking them to a safe camping park can teach them the basics of staying hygienic when they don’t have the fruitful amenities of their home around.

Nature Reserves

If camping doesn’t seem up your alley, why not take the children on a nature reserve? This can be a perfect way to connect your children to nature without impressing upon them the need to spend the night there. This is of paramount importance if your children live in a town or inner city and rarely see farm animals. It can also be a great way to introduce them to the general way of farm life, and show them in a limited capacity the source of where their food comes from.


Fishing with a child is a great way to pass the time and teach them the art of patience. It’s also a great way to communicate with your child in a raw, unfiltered form. Just spending a few hours next to your child, one on one, listening to the rippling of the water and trying to pull in catch is a beautiful experience that will develop in them a lifelong love for the pastime.

Take this tips on and you’ll be sure to have a great summer to remember.

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