Advance Your Education and Training Without Leaving Work

It’s weird, and kind of unfair, that one of the things that so often get in the way of your career is your job. You spend so much time concentrating your energy on your current work that you have none left to improve yourself and your education or show that you’re capable of doing more. Some people are able to stop working so they can concentrate on their education or training. However, that’s not possible for everyone so you might need to find a way to keep working full-time and still work toward your career goals. Here are a few ways you might do it.

Complete Your Education Online

Online education has become a huge benefit to people who want to study but might not have the time to do it full-time. Being able to take all your required units online means you can get the work done when you have the time, as long as you meet any deadlines you’re given. You might be surprised that some of the best degrees to do online are postgraduate degrees. If you work in nursing, you can fit an online MSN degree around your job, taking just one course at a time. You can find affordable options, and you can still get financial aid, just like you would be able to if you were physically attending college.

Find Someone at Work to Mentor You

Not everyone necessarily wants to continue their formal education to get ahead in their career. You might be thinking about trying to advance in your current job or at least learning some new skills you can take to your next one. One way you can consider doing this, particularly if you’re not necessarily looking to gain any specific qualifications, is to see if you can find a mentor at work. Someone above you might be able to offer you advice or coaching. They could perhaps give you some more responsibility or let you shadow them for a day or two.

Access Training at Work

If your employer offers optional training, you might want to consider taking some of it. Think about what might help you reach your long-term goals, even if it’s not something that particularly interests you. It might not be a training course that immediately gets you to where you want to be, but it could help you with the next step in your career advancement. You don’t necessarily have to consider training that directly relates to your job. Your employer might offer foreign language classes, which could help you in a more general way.

Consider Part-time Work

Not everyone is able to work part-time, but it can be helpful if you want to spend time outside of work advancing your education and employability. Alternatively, you might want to see if you can work out a flexible work arrangement with your employer. You could use the time when you’re not working to study or even look for better work that could offer greater career advancement.

You don’t need to stop working if you want to continue your education or training. Stay at work and find ways to keep learning.

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