Better Than The Nature Show: Unusual Pets With lessons To Teach

We all get pets for different reasons. Most often, we rely on them to help ease loneliness. When it comes to family pets, many of us attempt to teach our children about life, death, and perhaps even nature this way. But, if education is the aim, are we making the best pet-related choices? Most commonly, we turn to dogs or cats. These are, after all, the two most popular pets in most of the world. But, both creatures have become domesticated over the years. This is especially the case for dogs, who keep little of the natural instincts they would rely upon in the wild.

With that in mind, it’s worth considering whether there are pets which could teach us more. If education is the aim, it’s certainly possible there are better choices out there. Pets which should be top of your list should include animals such as:

  • Gerbils
  • Chameleons
  • Snakes
  • Pygmy marmosets

And many more. These animals are sure to show you a thing or two about natural behavior. Bear in mind, though, that most need specialist care. If you’re interested in gerbils, for example, you need to research what a suitable set up would be. If marmosets spark your fancy, read as many pygmy marmoset facts as possible before taking action. Once you think you’re ready, you can get learning. Here are just a few of the lessons such pets can teach you.

Natural behaviors

Natural behaviors have to be top of this list. An undomesticated pet can teach you astounding amounts in this field. This is especially the case if you’ve done your research and provided a suitable living area. Many animals have set behavior patterns which you stand to observe. Gerbils will dig a tunnel system if you provide the right materials. Chameleons will utilize their surroundings as camouflage. The key to seeing these behavior patterns is to let your pets get on with things. If you regularly pick them up or come into their space, such animals will soon become distressed and stop acting in natural ways. If you take a back seat and settle in to observe, you’ll see some fantastic things.


One of the most fascinating things about a lot of animals is the way they feed. This is especially the case with reptiles. Many have projectile tongues for the purpose. It’s also interesting to see how animals such as marmosets work out how to gain access to shelled food and such. To ensure you see things like this, mimic their feeding in the wild as much as possible. Instead of merely placing meals in reach, hide food to encourage foraging.


In many instances, you can also learn a lot more by watching interactions of such creatures. Not to mention that this can make your pets much happier if they enjoy interaction. So, if your animal is a social one, it’s well worth investing in more than one. This way you can ensure they’re happy, while also watching how they interact.

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