Storage Unit from Hell


As y’all know, we have been searching for something to drop in the ground for a storm shelter. We had a limit set at about $1,500 this meant a lot of work, and we were not sure if the project would be done in a week. Therefore, we checked our others options and took out a loan and went with an 8×10-cargo storage container. This was going to run us more money, but less of a headache.

We checked out a few different places that sold these containers, the one place did not have any for sale yet, the price was cheaper, but we would have had a longer wait. Another place had 20-foot containers for $1,800 again cheaper but we did not need one that large. So, we decided to go with a place called Mobile Mini, they had a few different ones in our price range, once we got there, they had one for $2,450. We looked at a few others before this one, and I noticed holes in the walls, these are small holes but they are holes, I also noticed the door didn’t shut properly, and I questioned it to the guy showing us these units.

His response to me was “We will make sure all the holes are patched up, we will also put new seals on the doors, and they will close”. He made mention the reason the doors was not closing properly was how it was sitting. He also told us they put these containers in a large water tank to make sure they would not leak and they were water proofed. This didn’t make sense to me, but then again he was the worker not me. I made sure and asked again before we purchased this unit about the things being fixed, and yet again, he said yes that would all be taken care of.

So, we go pay for this unit total came to $2,825.09 a bit more then what I wanted to pay, but we could dig a hole drop it in and be almost set. HAHA was I ever so wrong! This unit was delivered today, after the person left I went out and looked in the unit, hmm no new seals, no holes patched, matter of fact there is a decent size hole towards the floor of the unit. The doors will not properly close wtf. So much for saving a little money, now we have to go spend a few more hundred to get the products so that we can properly seal this unit.

If I would have known we was going to be lied to, I would have waited it out, and went elsewhere, or purchased one that was a bit more. Now that headache we were trying to save ourselves from just came back.

I called this place as well as emailed them, the manager did contact me back, he stated they would take this unit back and switch it out for another one, this means we get to pay yet another delivery charge. Umm no I will pass; we will make do with what we got. He also informed me that everything that worker told me was false, they do not patch the holes, they do not fix the seals, and they sure do not drop it in a tank to insure it doesn’t leak.

I love how companies think they can lie to consumers to sell their product. I understand this was one worker who lied to us, but he works for the company and if he has no clue on what the hell he is talking about, then he really shouldn’t be working in the yard showing off the containers.

I personally do not think I would ever recommend this company to anyone, and if we didn’t need this unit I would have them come pick it up, and say to hell with it. If you are thinking about purchasing any unit from Mobile Mini, I recommend you proceed with caution.

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved, Mobile Mini stands behind their company you can read a sum up of what happened on my storage unit resolved post.

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