Kids Say The Funniest Things

So, I got my sister into entering giveaways. She is almost as good as me, you see I said ALMOST! We end up sitting here with yahoo voice on talking and laughing and listening to my nieces, and nephew be loud mouths, hah. With only having one child it never gets no where near as loud here.

Anyways, my nephew is 12, and he had his cousin stay the night with him. They were playing truth and dare, an app on the ipod. When one of the questions came up, it was a dare, for them to call Wal-mart and ask the person that answered the phone, if they could come up there and try on a pair of pants they got for their birthday.

His cousin called, but chickened out when someone picked up. So my nephew being the crazy boy he is called… the call went something like this “Umm, Hi I got a pair of pants for my birthday, I was wondering if I could come up there and try them on.” Walmart worker “You can come up here and try on anything you would like”… Me “LMAO”. I wonder, if that person on the other end realized he said he wanted to bring in the pants he got for his birthday.

Now, some of that might be a bit off, I am 800 miles away and was hearing bits and pieces from my sister.

Tonight I was talking to her again, we were entering giveaways, my niece was saying “Aunt Jammie” over and over, so I was tuning things out and entering giveaways. You can only take so much of a 4 year old screaming your name! When my nephew comes out and asks his mom something. It took me a minute to figure out what he was saying… BUT He goes… “Mom, can I take and put “INSERT FRIENDS NAME” in my phone under mobile and still talk to him as long as I wanted.”

After a minute, I realized what he was wanting to do, he thought if the phone number was listed under mobile number, he would TRICK the phone company to think he was talking mobile to mobile!!! OMG This kid is a nut!

That isn’t all, a while back I was on the phone with my sister, when the crazy loon, comes out and says “Mom what is a mobile phone” She goes “umm, the thing you are talking on.”

And I thought my daughter said some crazy crap!

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