5 Weight Loss Tips for Workaholics Using FreeShipping.com

It’s easy to explain away weight gain when you’re working 12-hour days.

“I sit in front of a computer all day.”

“I don’t have time to work out.”

“I just get drive-thru for lunch.”

It’s a challenge to lose weight when you have a busy schedule, but you simply have to make time for something as important as your long-term health. That means the muffin top, the love handles, and the junk in your trunk – all of them have got to go.

Easy to say, but how? You don’t have free time; you have to meet with the head of the shipping department in 15 minutes; and after that, you’re attending a class on your client’s new action plans. You’ll barely have time to make dinner (thus the drive-thru)!

You may not have time for the gym, but the good news is that you can still trim down. You’ll just have to do it while you’re at work. Try these quick and easy weight loss strategies. You can do them all while still juggling your tasks, and best of all, they take very little time.

1. Do Your Research.

You can find many clever and useful weight loss tools on websites that are listed on FreeShipping.com and other websites run by Clarus Marketing Group. Many of their listed vendors are trusted names, so you don’t have to worry about diet scams and you can instead look toward legitimate weight loss products.

2. Plan.

Make a list of things you will do consistently. It does no good to start out big, in a blaze of glory, only to fizzle out three week later. What can you realistically do – walk around the parking lot for 15 minutes? Take the stairs every day? Start slow and establish a daily pattern. The consistency of your routine is more important than its intensity, at least at first. Buy a small pedometer and commit to walking a certain number of steps every day. You can even purchase an exercise DVD with workouts you can do from a chair. After finding the items that you want, try searching for discounts and savings such as free shipping – review the offers before making your purchase.

3. Head Off Temptation.

If you save time by eating fast food, plan ahead and bring a lower-calorie lunch to work. During the weekend, list next week’s meals using a meal-planning software program. Include healthy snacks, such as veggies and fruit. Keep a stash of energy bars or other healthy noshes in your desk to fight the mid-afternoon temptation to visit the snack machine. Let your co-workers know that you won’t be buying bake sale cookies or mail order cakes. In fact, let everyone know that you’re trying to be healthy – you might even get some of your colleagues on board. Keep in mind that it’s easier to do something when you’re working as a group.

4. Advance In Increments.

Once you’ve lost the first few pounds, and your new routine has become a familiar habit, you can commit to further action. Weight loss clubs can be helpful. Many will teach you to cook fat-free meals and will thoroughly support you during the entire process. They will also issue warnings to help you avoid the fraud associated with fake weight-loss products.

5. Track Your Progress.

Join an online weight loss membership program and use their tracking tools to chart the pace of your weight loss. These will also show you what works for you, and what doesn’t.

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