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Spring break is over and Summer has yet to begin. Soon families will be taking their vacations from work and piling the kids into the car. While some will go camping others will go to exotic destinations. Hawaii is a great destination for those wanting to see exotic lands. It’s known for its many islands and its beauty.

Hawaii, has always been a place in the states I have wanted to visit. I have had many friends go there on vacation and all have said wonderful things about the land. It would be a wonderful place to renew our wedding vows!

For those of you who will be taking vacations soon, be sure to look at different vacation rental places. You want to not only stay in budget but you want one that is family friendly. While everyones budgets will differ, you all want to get the most our of your vacation.

With wanting to one day go to Hawaii, I have taken a look at several family friendly Hawaii Vacation Rentals. I want something that will over look beauty. Something that is different. I don’t want a normal hotel room, I want something that will have my daughter talking for years to come, something that will be WOW.

However, I also want something that is going to feel like home. Something that will give us the nice home like feeling, I also would want something on the water, so when I wake up, I can look out the window and see the beautiful ocean. When we do get a chance to go on vacation to Hawaii, it’s going to be the best vacation we have taken.

When you plan trips what are somethings you look for? What type of budget do you keep?

This will be my first big vacation I plan so I need some tips here!!!

Have you ever been to Hawaii? What are some places my family and I should go see?

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