Yoda, It Is!

With Bones having bad anxiety, we decided it was time we got him a little brother. Someone he can play with and a friend to have at home when we go places that he cannot to keep him company. This was a spur of the moment type thing, we really hadn’t discussed it much, and I think we forgot how much work puppies really are.

I had seen on a facebook group for our area, someone was giving away boxer mastiff mix puppies, and they were so adorable, so I asked about them, and it took them a bit to get back with me, and we decided it might not be the best thing to do. So, as we were headed to Wal-Mart to get Bones a harness, because we were planning to go camping and knew a harness would keep him in line, I seen the road that lead to the puppy, and off we went.

I let our daughter know there was no promise a new puppy would be coming home with us, but as soon as we got there, 5 little puppies came running up to greet us, puppy 6 stayed back with his momma. He was the only boy, and we wanted a boy, no puppies for us!

We decided we wanted to bring him home with us.

We were not to sure how Bones would react, so we slowly introduced them, at first Bones wanted nothing to do with the puppy, and I was wondering if we made a mistake. So we were going to find puppy a new home, however, we were going camping the following day, so we decided to give it a bit longer. While camping I think the boys bonded, because once we got home they were like best friends.

Almost a week later and we have finally figured out what we are going to name the new puppy, his name is Yoda. He has the big ears like Yoda, and I think it fits him well.

Bones is really good with Yoda now that we are home from camping!

So I now introduce you to Yoda.

boxer puppy pit bull boxer mastiff puppy puppies playing

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