What To Consider When Buying A New Family Dog

There are so many things to consider when buying a new dog. But perhaps the most important thing, even more so than vets bills and insurance, is how your dog will get on with your kids. Studies have shown that growing up with a dog can benefit your child in many ways. These benefits can range from giving them a more active lifestyle to teaching them responsibility. It’s no wonder then that dogs are the most popular pet in the {Read More}

Potty Training Puppies, Is No Fun!

If you want to help your puppy or adult dog find a better method toward fine-tuning their potty habits, you try the indoor pet potty at ModernPuppies.com. With this kind and gentle method of training for your beloved pet, you will be making a smart investment that will bring comfort and relief or you and your pet for a lifetime. With a small cost to you, the Potty Training Pet Apartment will make life so much simpler for both of {Read More}

Yoda, It Is!

With Bones having bad anxiety, we decided it was time we got him a little brother. Someone he can play with and a friend to have at home when we go places that he cannot to keep him company. This was a spur of the moment type thing, we really hadn’t discussed it much, and I think we forgot how much work puppies really are. I had seen on a facebook group for our area, someone was giving away boxer {Read More}

10 Reasons To Get A Family Dog

This morning was like every other morning, I woke up to my cute Bones crying he had to go out and go potty. So I did what every other great pet owner would do, I rolled over and went back to bed. Bones decided he could hold it, and he climbed in bed and went right back to sleep. He has learned to wait until we get up to go outside and go potty. I am like every other pet {Read More}

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