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I wanted to bring this to the attention of all the review bloggers out there. The reason I thought this needed to be address is because the company that sent the package I am about to discuss stated, they have sent out hundreds of samples the way I received mine, and they have never had an issue, and I was the first one to email them about this problem.

I find this to be very scary, the fact that bloggers are putting their lives in danger to review a product. To each their own, however, with everything going on in this world, I don’t recommend bloggers to put their lives in danger to review a product. With that being said, I will explain my position.

I normally don’t sign up to do reviews for Tomoson, I personally like to work directly with a company instead of going through a third party. Yes, I work with PR firms, however, I don’t view Tomoson as a PR firm. I have worked directly with many companies without a third party system. So with the new year in swing, things can be a little slow here on The Neat Things in Life, so I decided to see what Tomoson had to offer.

While on Tomoson I find many opps, so I applied for some, I found some that were so insane on the requirements and laughed, then moved on. With trying to lose weight, one particular item caught my eye. This product looked to be something that would work for me, and I was wanting to check it out, so I applied for it, and I was approved for it.

I followed through with the rest, got on Amazon, did what I needed to do on my part and waited. I knew this was for only a week sample of the product and I was fine with that, however, I didn’t know how those samples were going to be packaged when they were sent to me, and if I knew this I wouldn’t have applied for the review.

When the packaged arrive I was excited to check out the product. However, once I opened the product that is when the disappointment came into play…

package not sealed properly

As you can see from the above picture, this envelop is only closed by two pieces of tape, one on each end. The middle section isn’t even securely tapped shut. Leaving this package able to be opened with showing little to no evidence that the package was tampered with. At first, this wasn’t a concern to me, I thought the product inside would be in sealed packages so there would be no harm in taking the product.

Once I opened the package I seen something that was extremely scary…


Powder and pills only marked with marker, and in baggies that can be tampered with! The packaging is not properly sealed, and for that reason, I have a problem with this review item, and if this company has sent out hundreds of these review samples and I am the first to express my concerns, then that worries me.

It worries me that these reviewers are not being more careful with the products that they get for review that go in their mouths! Do these reviewers not care how many people this package has gone through before it has reached them? Do they not care that these products are in baggies that can easily be messed with while going through the mail system? Do they not watch the news where people send harmful things through the mail…

While some may find this to be fine, I don’t! If you are a review blogger, and you’re one of those ones who found this to be okay, you may want to rethink things. By taking a product that comes unsealed you’re putting your life in danger. Sure the product could be fine, however, I don’t know that and the company who sent this product cannot guarantee me that this product was not tampered with while in transit to me.

I understand this is a new company, and they don’t have a lot of funds… HOWEVER, this is not a safe way to get reviews for their products, and I personally think they would get more exposure, if they didn’t do trial runs for a week, but found a few good bloggers to review the WHOLE package and had them blog the results they seen as well as posted on Amazon.

So bloggers if you receive samples of an item that is meant to be put into your body, make sure the product is actually sealed, and not sent in a baggy. This will assure you that it wasn’t tampered with. No product is worth the chance of putting your life in danger.

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  1. I would never review a product that comes like that. That is very unsafe.


    Jammie Morey Reply:

    Yes it is! According to the company, hundreds of product samples like this have already been reviewed. I hope reviewers wake up and realize this isn’t safe and touch base with this company, so this company would realize this is an issue and change their ways.


  2. That is scary. It doesn’t take that much extra to secure items being sent. I agree that I would never use anything that came to me that way. Thanks for the warning.


    Jammie Morey Reply:

    I linked the company to the FDA guidelines, which show they’re sending product illegally. He assured me they would be changing the way they do things, whether they do or not, I am not certain. I hope they do or their business maybe in jeopardy.


  3. Wow I never received a review package like that. I wish pr would work with me.


    Jammie Morey Reply:

    This wasn’t the first time I received samples, however, this is the first time I received product in the condition I did.


  4. That is really scary! I have never received a sample that wasn’t in some kind of official packaging. Wow!


    Jammie Morey Reply:

    This was the first for me, I only hope the company changes their ways, because it will cost them their company if they don’t.


  5. Jeff Foster says:

    Hi Jammie,

    This is Jeff Foster, from I saw you mentioned that you tried our company but the requirements for apply for a promotion were high, what requirements do most companies or PR firms ask of you now?



    Jammie Morey Reply:

    I have no issue with the platform, it is when a company that has a low priced product wants thousands of followers on social channels and high pr before they will consider you. I just find it to be humorous.

    I decided to give the site another shot and after this last experience, where the company sent product in violation with FDA guidelines, I think my best bet is to just move on from using the site.

    The site is good for beginner bloggers just starting out, however, I don’t think it is for me. Again, just my personal preference.


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