Going Hingeless On EyeGlasses

I have always had some sort of vision insurance, so I never paid much attention to the different types of eyeglasses out there. I always went in for my yearly exam, and got my glasses. It wasn’t until recently that I new I had to go in and get a vision test without insurance, and I knew this also meant, I would be paying out of pocket for my new glasses.

If you have ever had to go get glasses they’re not cheap. A few years ago, I would have never thought to get my script and to get online and order glasses. This time around I decided I was NOT going to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of glasses, instead I was going to get a few cheaper pair of glasses.

I discovered there’s hingeless eyeglasses, rimless eyeglasses, nerdy framed eyeglasses, half-framed eyeglasses, and even wayfair frame eyeglasses. To be honest, I never new there were so many different kinds of frame, I always had a small selection of frames to pick from that my insurance company would cover.

Now that I am purchasing eyeglasses online, I am thinking about getting several different pair just to have incase one pair breaks or if I decide I want something to go with my mood.

What kind of glasses do you currently have? I have two different ones, I have some half rimmed ones, and I have a pair of black plastic framed ones.


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  1. Debbie Costa says:

    I actually just bought a pair of black glasses. They’re Versace but I could care less about the name on em. I have a small round face so its hard to find glasses that fit my face well. Everybody, including my fiancé, liked the way these fit on me, so I got them. Lenscrafters was having a sale for 50% off lenses when you buy frames. My total would’ve been about $650 for a pair of black framed Versace glasses alone, but I ended up paying about $700 for the prescription black framed Versace glasses and prescription Ray Ban sun glasses all together. So each price got cut in half (almost), but its still a heck of a lot to pay for glasses!!!! I felt violated. Where do you buy your glasses cheaper online? I’d love to check it out.. But to answer your main question, I usually go with black frames :)

    • Jammie Morey says:

      The glasses I have I dislike, because they lenses are crap, and they make my nose hurt. But you get what you pay for, I wasn’t about to spend hundreds for a pair of glasses! You can find several companies that sell for cheap online. Remember the cheaper you pay the cheaper the product! I purchased mine from Zenni Optical. Once I have a little more money to spend, I may try some of there better lenses.

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