Pimp Your Pet’s Healthcare Routine

If you have a fluffy, or feathered fur baby in your life, you know how important they are to you. How much joy and unconditional love they provide and how much you want to keep them as happy and healthy as possible. But what exactly can you do to ensure that you are looking after your pet’s health to the best of your abilities? Read on to find out.


Now, one of the biggest things that you can do that can make a difference to your pet’s health is to ensure that they are getting enough attention. As pets need positive attention and love just as much as humans do, to be healthy and happy.

Of course, the type of attention you give to them will depend on your own situation and what type of pet you have. For example, it may be that is you have pets that live outdoors such as rabbits so you will need to bring them in for strokes and cuddles every day.

Or if you have pets that have to spend the whole day inside while you are at work like dogs, it might be prudent to employ a dog walker to come in. Then they can take them out to break the day up and make sure they get a toilet break.

One way of ensuring that your pet, no matter what sort of animal they, is getting enough attention is to set aside some time in each day to play with them. You can get all sort of toys and games for dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits now too and this makes things even more fun.


Play is also critical to your pet’s health and so should be involved in their routine because it provides a wonderful way to exercise them. Exercise is important because it not only keeps them fit and healthy, but it also helps them to burn off any excess energy. Something that can cause them to be descriptive in the home if left untended.

For dogs, regular walks and playing fetch work well. You can walk cats too, with a leash. But most prefer to be let out to do their own thing, or to play with a toy as if they were hunting. You can even get laser toys and exercise wheels that automate this process for you.


While it often seems like pets are just part of our living environment, it’s also important that they regularly have somewhere that they can retreat to on their own to relax as well. This is as true of birds and rodents, as it is of dogs and cats. As all animals need a safe refuge from the stresses of family life.

That is why it’s essential that you provide this for them, in the context of the wider environment in the home. For cats, you can install shelves that are up high and out of the way. For dogs, an outside kennel, or a quiet corner with a basket can work well.

For caged animals providing an enclosed space within their living quarters where they can’t be seen works well. As it’s some where they can retreat to when they need a little peace and quiet.

Diet and nutrition

Food is also essential to your pets healthcare routine, as a healthy diet can improve their mood and behavior as well as their overall wellbeing. That means for the most part you really should avoid feeding the tidbits and treats from your own plate.

This isn’t always easy either as it’s pretty hard to resist their adorable little faces when they are beginning for just a piece of what you are eating. But to help you, remember that a lot of human foods are quite toxic to animals such as chocolate.

Instead, if you must treat them, why not try the odd piece of cooked unseasoned meat minus the bones, for the carnivores such as cats or dogs. Or stick to sanctioned treats such as cuttlefish and seeds for any pet birds.

However, making good nutrition a part of your pet’s routine isn’t just about cutting down the treats that they are given. You also need to include the right type of food for their specific needs. That means if they are old they need to be fed products that are designed for seniors. As they contain ingredients that can help with age related issues.


Something that should also be used in conjunction with a healthy diet in your pet’s healthcare routine is supplements. These are additional items that you can give to your pet that can further help to improve their health and wellbeing.

One such supplement is babassu oil, something that has plenty of benefits for your pet’s health such as aiding their digestion, making their coat shiny, and helping to keep their teeth in tip top condition.

Or why not try glucosamine-chondroitin sulphate if your pet is suffering from swollen joints or arthritis. Of course, always consult with your vets before you give your pet any supplement to see the whether it is suitable.

Vets visits

Also, remember that vets are not there just for emergencies. Although as pet owners we are very glad that they can deal with infections, and broken limbs when they have to. But vets are there for much more than that.

Think of you vet as the best resource to guide and advise about any of you pet health issues. Whether it’s a specific condition a that you are concerned about like Lung Worm in dogs or Psittacosis in birds. Or if you need to work out a nutritional plan, or check whether they are putting on too much weight.

Remember vets are there as a regular resource to help you maximize your pet’s health throughout their life. That means taking the, for regular check ups and boosters for their injections whenever you can. It’s by doing this in a routine fashion, you ensure that you are protecting their health both now and in the long term.

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