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Contented Canine: How To Banish Your Dog’s Stress

Just like humans, dogs can feel stress and anxiety when their life isn’t going their way. Some dogs experience separation anxiety when they’re apart from their favorite humans; others get anxious around other dogs, or in the car. If your dog is experiencing digestive issues, a lack of appetite or they’re sleeping for longer than usual, or becoming more aggressive than usual; they could be experiencing stress. Here are some ways to ensure your dog is as happy and healthy {Read More}

What To Consider When Buying A New Family Dog

There are so many things to consider when buying a new dog. But perhaps the most important thing, even more so than vets bills and insurance, is how your dog will get on with your kids. Studies have shown that growing up with a dog can benefit your child in many ways. These benefits can range from giving them a more active lifestyle to teaching them responsibility. It’s no wonder then that dogs are the most popular pet in the {Read More}

K9Cuisine Brings You Only The Best For Your Furrbabies

Growing up my family always had animals, we had fish, we had cats, we had dogs, we had rabbits and we even had a pet raccoon at one time. One thing that I learned while young, is animals are not just animals, they’re family, especially dogs and cats. They say a dog is man’s best friend, and I have to agree. It took my husband and I a long time to bring any pets into our home. We always had {Read More}

Get Your Pet Care Needs From

Product samples were received in exchange for an honest review. Pet Overstock is a site geared to bringing high quality products at great low prices to all of us pet owners. Whether we have pet dogs, cats, fishes, or even snakes, Pet Overstock has products that will make taking care of our creatures easier. Pet Overstock offers free shipping on all orders over $49, and they stand behind the products they sell, with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Over the years, {Read More}

4 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy This Summer

We taught you how to keep your pets healthy in winter, and now I’m here to show you how to keep your dog in good health this summer, too! Having a pet is a big responsibility, you know. There is a lot that you need to think about and consider – especially, with the weather getting warmer! So, read on to ensure that your dog stays well this summer. Get Them Insured Really, your dog should be insured all year {Read More}

How To Understand Your Pet Better: Common Behaviors Explained

Ever wondered what your dog is trying to tell you when he or she barks? Are you confused as to why your cat won’t use its litter tray? As responsible pet owners, we should attempt to learn as much as we can about our pets so that we can easily identify which behaviors are natural and which are a cause for concern. It is well known that domestic pets are born with a number of natural instincts, from barking to {Read More}

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