Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge Day 62 – 67

Fat to Thin

It’s been awhile since I last updated this post, I can also say it’s been awhile since I used the Journey Gym. I have been very busy lately, however, although I have not been using the journey gym, I still have been trying to work out and trying to stay focused on my weight loss. Since I last blogged about my progress, I have lost 4 pounds, which is awesome.

I was getting tired of the scale bouncing up instead of falling down. Today is day 67 of the 70 day challenge, and in a few days to wrap up the challenge I will bring you one last video update, and give you all the numbers. I haven’t taken no measurements in a while so it should be very interesting to see what they are, if they have stayed the same, and/or where I have lost the inches at.

I know the little bit I have been doing has helped a lot with my knee, my knees don’t seem to hurt like they once did.

If you are looking to lose weight a good place to start is with the Journey Gym, having the freedom to workout in your home anytime you want is a plus. If will also help get you moving more even if you just use the journey gym to do steps.


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  1. I just starting walking. It’s so hard!

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